Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hot Stuff

I used to have a pair of oven mitts and potholders in the kitchen until one mitt and potholder reported to the RV for duty.  I've been making do with the one glove/potholder system, but it's been affecting my relationship with the oven.  Was this to blame for baking less cookies?  Or broiling less cheese?

  After I found some of Grandma's cute quilted gingham fabric, I knew I had to make myself a new pair of oven mitts and potholders.  They remind me of Dorothy's dress in Wizard of Oz, which I didn't see until high school, but luckily did, thanks to my friend, Toto & family, who took pity on my sheltered cinematic life.

Front and back sides of oven mitts and potholders stitched together.

Adding extra wide double-fold bias tape as trim to the mitts and potholders (to cover up the messy edges).

Pinning trim to the edge of potholders.

All the edges of the mitts and potholders pinned.
Ready for action!
I just might have to make cookies tonight...

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