Sunday, February 5, 2012

Garage Organization

Today, I rediscovered the garage floor!  This is what happened:


This is what the garage looked like yesterday morning:

Sometimes you wish you could rewind back in time.  This wasn't one of those times.  Those wires remind me of how electricity is wired above ground in S.F.  There's also a life vest hanging on the far wall.  (Good thing it's not the fire extinguisher.)  I was tired of tripping over items in the garage (they're not the most gentle on your toes) and it was a big pain getting the bikes out.  The garage needed some organizational love.

Since most of the tools leaning against the wall were gardening tools, I figured we should just move all the gardening-related items there.  I added five baskets to the shelf to sort the plant food, gardening supplies, weed control products, and insect repellents.  I also moved my gardening carryall from the ground to the shelf.  Jeff drilled two gardening organizers to the wall so we could hang all the gardening tools.

I also tackled other items that were already organized in the garage, like the dog supplies:

 and made it better:

Usually, we take the dog shampoo and gloves outside to wash the dog and take our time putting the supplies back, but it just made more sense to add handles to easily carry everything.  Besides, who wants to run back into the house to grab the dog's toothbrush when you're soakin'  wet?

So, that's what happened to the garage in two hours.  I can now get from one side of the garage to the other without having to open the garage door first. 


  1. Great job! I love the big handled containers - they are so purposeful!

  2. Great job! Only two hours? That's fabulous. I hadn't realised SF wiring is above ground--but it makes sense. The things you learn!