Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lizard Socks in Vegas

On a recent trip to Vegas, I opted to pack less because 1) I was flying, and 2) I just read an article about how men travel more lightly (in which underwear recycling was implied...).  It was more difficult packing my knitting.  For a  past trip abroad, I brought as much yarn as I could in my travel tote, thinking that I would have countless hours at the airport, on the plane, and in transit to knit.  Well, I did have time, just not that much time.  I returned home with plenty of untouched yarn and even more souvenir yarn.  So I only took a sock project, with simple stitchwork.

Good thing, because I left with this... 
kept at it for another week... 

and look at that!

The yarn did all the work.

The socks kind of reminded me of the lizards in the desert.

What do you think?

Hope my sister enjoys these birthday lizard socks!

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