Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Leandra's New Addition

Leandra got a new phone yesterday.  She has pondered this upgrade for months.  Being the first person she saw in the office, Leandra passed the phone to me so I could take a look.  I dropped it on the desk, when I really should have dropped it on the carpet.  What she really wanted to me say was, "Are you $%@@# kidding me?"  Instead, Leandra told the next person who entered the office that that's what she really wanted to say to me.  In that moment, I was banned from ever touching the device again.  She placed it in her desk drawer for extra security.

The phone was so new, Leandra had not yet bought a cover.  So to protect the phone (mainly from people like myself), I knit Leandra a phone cozy/sock/sleeping bag until she buys a cover.  It looks like a newborn.  Leandra embellished the sleeping bag with a bow.  Therefore, it's a girl. 

This yarn will have a sister who is much bigger, but who's mug is unavailable until it is adopted.

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