Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Shakti Hat for Ange

Everytime I knit a hat, a new request comes in.  I knit my baby cousin, Zach, a hat, around Father's Day last year, and stuck it on his Buddha-esque head right before dinner, which sparked the following conversation:

Grandma:  "Where did where the hat came from?"
Mom: "Jo knit it."
Grandma: "Jo knit it?!" (I know, my talents run few and most projects, unfinished.) 
Me: "Yes, I knit that."
Grandma:  "Well, where's mine?!"  

After being called out in front of a dozen family witnesses, I presented Grandma with a soft brown hat with caramel-colored buttons last Christmas.  Ange looked at it "That hat looks cute.  Can you knit me one?  Like a beanie?  It gets cold in New York."  My first thoughts were... Are you @#!^@% kidding me?  Ange, who's gifts I always get wrong?  Nope.  I'm sure I mess up the gift cards I resorted to, too.  Ange did mention that a charitable donation on her behalf was the best of the lot one year, although I think she was saying that for good karma.  All these years, I could have appeased here with some handmades...when I thought she only wanted brand names!

So here's to you, Ange.  A wool Shakti  hat that I wanted to keep for myself when I was finished, but won't because winter will be over if I try and knit another one.  So this photo will do until I make my own.  May this make up for all the royal gifting failures and keep your head toasty.

Hat Details:  Free Shakti pattern by Faerwear Designs; Tumi Peruvian Highland Wool yarn, 2 skeins (each 50 grams), Color 238.  I scored the pretty pink Tum yarn on a trip to Japan and haven't found it anywhere else.  Ange should also consider this an awesome souvenir.  I should consider going back to Japan.

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