Monday, February 14, 2011

To My Valentine

I love you, Jeff.  You're sweet.

Here are all the reasons I love my Jeff.  He:
  1. makes me laugh.
  2. makes the morning and evening commute better.  (We carpool.)  And he drives so i can knit.
  3. does major home projects for me.  (Thanks, honey-do!)
  4. loves to travel. 
  5. lets me incorporate yarn trips into our travel itinerary.
  6. is a great dad.
  7. loves big dogs.  We adopted our sled dog, Dakoda, together.
  8. makes great music videos.
  9. takes amazing photographs. He is also the official photographer on our travels together.
  10. is my go-to tech guy.
  11. is a mean, lean, fighting machine.
  12. gives the best hugs.
  13. camps.
  14. gave me my first veggie garden ever.
  15. gave me space to plant all my flowers.  He dug some of those holes, too.
  16. took me to a tree farm to get me my first real Christmas tree.  It's an annual tradition now.
  17. bought me my first bicycle.  After I learned how to ride one.  I'm still learning.
  18. hiked Half Dome with me.  He guided me and another couple we met up to the top!  We couldn't have done it without him.
  19. thoughtful.
  20. adores my family and I adore his.
  21. is always game for random adventures.
  22. believes in the power of the coffee machine.
  23. can grill a mean flank steak.  (He also put an end to my vegetarian days.)
  24. bought me a really sweet gift today.
  25. all these things and many more!
Happy Valentine's Day, Jeff!
 You have my heart.  Because I sewed one for you.

There's more homemade Valentine love!
Jeff's mom also makes amazing cards.  Here's the Valentine's Day card we received this year:

See?  Amazing.

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