Saturday, April 30, 2011


It's not the royal wedding cake, but it's certainly cake - yarn cake! My first knit sweater is certainly cause for celebration.  How many times have I talked myself out of a long-term knitting project?  Or a large scale project?  Plenty.  Well, no more.  Why? Because I saw beautiful green cardigan designed by Norah Gaughan in the Vogue Knitting magazine, Winter 2010/11 issue.  I have yet to find a photo link, so here's one to VK's 360 video of Norah Gaugan's Cardigan .  

If you ever have lived in S.F. (like yours truly) or along the coast, cardis are a must, even in the summer.  This cardi is made out of Berrocco's Ultra Ulpaca (alpaca/wool blend) in #6725 and Ultra Ulpaca Light in #4275.  The alpaca feels really soft, and the "pea soup mix" yarn has great subtle color variation of green, light green, and yellow.  So, I ordered the yarn from my LYS, waited two weeks for the yarn to arrive, then a wonderful friend transformed the hanks into these beautiful cakes.

They're really fun to squish.

And to knit with.

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