Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sweater Swatch

Swatches are time consuming.  Why knit a square before a project when you can just start a project?  I have made a dozen projects without a swatch - scarves, hats, mittens, even socks... and they turned out ok.  One sock was slightly larger than the other... but that was attributed more to a first try than to faulty gauge...  However, more complicated patterns have changed my mind.  Why spend weeks and a good portion of the paycheck on a project that doesn't fit?  (or one that only someone else will fit?)

So there.  Is a swatch.  That measured exact on my first try.  This reaffirms that I never needed a swatch.  Although, they do make handy coasters at a moment's notice.  And a nice square to remember how a yarn looks and feels, like all those samples at the LYS.

I pinned the yarn label to the swatch as a reference to the dye lot and care instructions.  I can also use my swatch if I am in a pinch for yarn to mend a project at a later date.  I'm a swatch convert.

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